We can totally have a new episode with the second doctor! See

And Who shall play jamie?

Artist: Stephen Fry, Sylvester McCoy, played: 6,521 plays.


In a break during the recording of the ‘Doctor Who’ audio drama ‘Death Comes To Time’, actor and comedian Stephen Fry did this little skit with Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy, in which Fry plays the TARDIS having an acrimonious break-up with The Doctor after centuries of travelling the universe together.

This is what The Doctor’s Wife should have been

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“I’m sorry, I thought you were all timeless beings of unlimited evil, and I’d come here to defeat you.”

The doctor, EDA #6, Alien Bodies

It’s because it sort of looks like 90s cyclops and IT LOOKS GOOD

Im not ok

Just to let everyone know that the 8th doctor is the ONLY DOCTOR to ever let two companions have sex in the tardis





Wait what about eleven? I guess we’re not counting him as letting because he put his hands to his ears and went LALALAAAA?

I should just put a little warning at the bottom saying:” I didn’t get to the part where 11 does it with river in the tardis so don’t judge me”

No sorry I actually meant with Rory and Amy. But now that I think about it he was pretty specifically against them bumping uglies (he gave them bunk beds and other shit to discourage doing the do)


Because the Doctor loves hats and I’ve been reading too much crossover fan fiction.



Sometimes I picture big finish Eight in hornblower uniform

Koni has done some great work on this subject

Koni is a godsend for the whoblower community. Anyone who likes either show should check her work out


This guy was supposed to be the Fourth Doctor but declined….

I wonder what that parallel universe is like.

Well the horns of the Nimon with tom bakers soldeed is a really memorable Jem

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