What a death scene, luvvie!

classic who deaths are the best

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Because people are spreading bullshit about eleven again ಠ_ಠ

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The covers for the Twelfth Doctor’s first three novels, Silhouette, The Blood Cell, and The Crawling Terror, have been revealed. The books will be available on Amazon 11 September.

Bit late on this, but good lord. Capaldi’s face was made for book covers. I’m not being funny here. They’re pretty well designed covers in their own right, but Capaldi’s face is like some kind of incredibly punchy illustration. He brings a new level of impact to it just by being there. Part of me wants these books just to ogle the covers.

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i want the master to throw an apple at the doctor and get really disappointed when it doesn’t work

i want the master to hoard apples and keep the doctor far away from them and claim really loudly that they’re to throw at the doctor en masse but then never go near the hoard of apples. ever.

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Colin baker should so play the Master

I’m assuming this is from a panto he was in.

He’s dressed as the genie from Aladdin on stage

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You Killed My Father by paxdomino is $10 + free shipping for a limited time at Shirt.Woot

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Watch what you say, Doctor…

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imagine steve rogers watching sharknado and someone manages to convince him that it is a docu-drama about actual events before he woke up

honestly though, I’d buy that, if I was steve. Look at this shit that has actually happened in the marvel universe (I mean is Guardians of the Galaxy any more realistic than Sharknado?)

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